A Small Story

I was just out for a walk, pulling along this red balloon. Then rumble rumble along comes a tower of helmet heads and spears. Nearly knocks me over. They’re waaaay up there, bellowing and being pointy. Maybe I’m in the way. Maybe they want directions. Finally, 

ker-thump, there’s a POINTER lying on the ground, all by its lonesome. And waaay up there, it’s quiet. Then one helmet head waves to me. Can I hand him back his POINTER? Maybe tie it to the balloon...?

Tower (9x12 print)

  • • Ink drawing & digital color, printed with archival inks on heavyweight watercolor paper

    • Size ~9 1/2"x 13", with lots of room for trimming for mat and/or frame

    • Inks are water soluable, so keep away from moisture (including rain, sippy cups, and salivating pets)


    I work almost exclusively in my sketchbooks, in pencil or pen or crow's quill, then scan in the drawing and apply color digitally (color involves lots of trial and error). I like to work in watercolor vs. digital watercolor, but it's painstaking and somewhat stressful, so I need to keep working at it...