A small story

Snape’s Ridiculorum presents this guide for the under-informed. The beneficial applications and possibilities inherent in pig aviation are now presentable in this public service poster format. Note the flight comparisons between pig and bee (bumble), and the feasibility of both drone observations and farm-to-table delivery services. The dawn of a new age is nigh. 

Applications of Pig Aviation (13x19 print)

  • • Ink drawing & watercolor, scanned and printed with archival inks on heavyweight watercolor paper

    • Sizes are generally ~9 1/2"x 13" or 13"x19", with lots of room for trimming for mat and/or frame

    • Inks are water soluable, so keep away from moisture (including rain, sippy cups, and salivating pets)


    I work almost exclusively in my sketchbooks, in pencil or pen or crow's quill, then scan in the drawing and apply color digitally (color involves lots of trial and error). I like to work in watercolor vs. digital watercolor, but it's painstaking and somewhat stressful, so I need to keep working at it...