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I'm Jason.

I am never bored.

I sketch and write, read and photograph, watch and build and explore and listen. I wanted to be an Architect so I learned about lumber, so I learned to build houses. I could not learn The Calculus. I could not learn The Physics. I kept drawing. I looked into degrees in English, in History. I stumbled across Design. It yanked me up, opened my eyes, astonished me. I still shake my head at how it all works out... and I keep drawing. 



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S, O, & E 

Howard Pyle

N.C. Wyeth

Edward Gorey

Sid Fleischman

Terry Gilliam

David MacCauley

Uri Schulevitz

J.K. Rawling

Lemony Snicket

Jules Feiffer

Roald Dahl

Ralph Steadman

Shel Silverstein Charles Schultz

Bill Watterson

Ian McEwan

Nick Hornby

Neal Stephenson

Dr. Seuss


Jim Henson

Frank Oz

Joseph Campbell

Woody Allen

Quentin Blake

Milton Glaser

Craig Frazier Buckminster Fuller Pablo Picasso

Hugh McLeod

The New Yorker

Mom & Dad

Edward Tufte

Eric von Schmidt


Ashley Wood

Bernie Wrightson

Dave McKean

Tony DiTerlizzi

Chuck Jones


Monty Python

The Marx Brothers Lake Wobegon Coupling


Arrested Development

Flight of the Conchords Wallace & Grommit Charlie & Lola

Sesame Street

Electric Company CyberChase

Word Girl

Run Lola Run

Triplets of Belleville Spirited Away

The Incredibles

Lost in LaMancha


They Might Be Giants Leonardo DaVinci

Secret of Kells


Little Pea

Orbiting the Giant Hairball

The Phantom Tollbooth

The Way Things Work Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Play with your Food Everybody Poops

The Art of the LotR

Catch 22

Infinite Jest


Corelli's Mandolin

Frogbelly Ratbone

Winnie the Pooh Paddington


My Architect


Heavy Metal magazine Codex Seraphinianus

Mrs. Armitage &

   the Big Wave

How to Draw a Radish

Zen Shorts

The Once & Future King McSweeney's


Cricket magazine


D. Knees

Sir Ken Robinson


Chronicle Books



Pink Floyd

21 Pilots


Led Zeppelin

Maurice Sendak

Regge Watts

Capacitor Network


Between the Folds



Olde Celtic


Jakob Rozalski

Librarians one and all

James Victore

Lizbeth Zwerger

Uncle Green

826 Valencia

Robertson Davies

Rob Bell

Shaun Tan

Watership Down

Ian Banks

Berke Breathed


My students

My teachers


Teaching Philosophy

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This applies to everything I do, so this is just as good a place as any for it to live.

• Be myself.

• Show lots of examples; we never know where we’ll find inspiration.

• Be clear about criteria and objectives. 

• Demonstrate proper and improper techniques.

• Invite guest speakers; seek perspectives both within and outside design

• Be unafraid to say ‘I don’t know’, but then find an answer.

• Promote consideration of the big picture and the wide world, outside the computer.

• Create an experimental environment to ease fears of failure yet demands

   effort and results.

• Reinforce the importance of reading thoroughly and writing clearly. 

• Exhibit, discuss, and expect professionalism in manner and craft.

• Share our work – creative process, lessons learned, and inspirations – it gives us context.

• Be enthusiastic and encouraging, but realistic.

• Be clear with assessments, so that we may grow to effectively evaluate our own work. 

• Make current events in the world, in design, and in technology relevant to the classroom.

• Ask questions and wait patiently for answers.

• Seek opportunities to draw parallels between other disciplines and forms of expression.

• Mine is but one opinion; solicit feedback from others for consideration.

• Teach principles that will transcend current software versions and design trends.

• Foster a problem-solving mentality that questions expectations and the

   established norms.

• Build our vocabulary, so that we speak intelligently and confidently about our work.

• Structure content cumulatively, where discussions support exercises,

   which, in turn, support projects.

• Respond promptly to emails, questions, and other correspondence.

• Publicly display work of high caliber.

• Shake the hand of anyone whose design decisions I am inspired by.

• Give everything feedback, to help us see the value in our work.

• Look continuously for ways to improve projects, lessons, and exercises.

• Consult other instructors, professionals, and peers.

• Revisit and share the personal, professional, and academic experiences that have

   most profoundly shaped me.

• Lead by example; demonstrate good design in syllabi, project briefs,

   presentations, and assessments.

• Have a plan B.

• Laugh; life is short.